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Syracuse Daily Links - Fab & Kris Wrap Up Summer League

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Kris Joseph, Fab Melo wrap up NBA Summer League with Boston Celtics |
Boston rookies Fab Melo and Kris Joseph, both drafted out of Syracuse University, put in solid performances. Melo, the No. 22 overall pick, scored six points and grabbed four rebounds and blocked three shots.

Wes Johnson scores 14 points in Minnesota's summer league win over Grizzlies |
Johnson made six of his 12 field goal attempts, including two of five from 3-point range. Johnson also had three blocks and two assists.

In wake of NCAA penalties, it's open season to pluck Penn State players - NCAA Football - News, Scores, Stats, Schedule and BCS Rankings
"For a lot of schools around the country, especially those of us on the East Coast, we're in on Level 5," said one FBS defensive coordinator. "They have some really good players on defense and a bunch of decent players, and guys we would've loved to have gotten in recruiting. Can we get 'em now? We'll see. Their third-team guys are probably better than our second-teamers and probably a few of our starters too."

Penn State vacating wins won't mean two more victories for Syracuse football |
For those wondering, the Orange has not just picked up two more victories. While Penn State will vacate the victories, Syracuse does not get the wins.

Do Nike's Hyper Elite U.S. Olympic basketball uniforms sound familiar? |
This year, the U.S. men's and women's team will wear the Hyper Elite uniforms that Nike provided for select college basketball teams last season. Syracuse, you might recall, was one of nine men's and women's teams designated by Nike for the Hyper Elite experiment. SU players liked the light feel of the uniforms; most also liked the pop of color the uniforms provided. SU fans were generally aghast about the gray and bright orange design.

Lenn Robbins: Big East presidents meet to develop plan to save conference after defections by Syracuse, Pittsburgh and others -
"One of the things the league has never gone overboard on is promoting itself,’’ said Bailey, a long time NFL executive. "I’m not going to compare us to any other conference, but if you look at our performance on the field the last seven years, we’ve been very, very good. "And the basketball league is the best in the country, but its preference has always been to let its performance speak for itself. We have a lot to talk about. We need to be proactive.’’

Ebenezer Ogundeko, the NYC football prospect from the Class of 2013 talks about making his college decision (before canceling his decision).