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Syracuse Basketball: Another Package Deal In The Mix

While Boeheim is off in Spain not getting a tan, we've got recruits doing stuff!
While Boeheim is off in Spain not getting a tan, we've got recruits doing stuff!

Who knew Scoop Jardine and Rick Jackson were such trendsetters.

It seems like package deals are popping up more and more frequently these days in the college recruiting world. Maybe they've always been common and I've just never noticed. All I know is, it seems to be much more acceptable for recruits to just come out and say they and another high-profile recruit want to play together, so make your offers accordingly.

Call it The LeBronning of college basketball recruiting.

On the football side, we've been hearing for a while that Augustus Edwards and Ebenezer Ogundeko are a package deal. We've got 50% of the deal set but it's the other 50% we're concerned about.

Now on the basketball side, we're apparently pretty high on the list for James Young and Wes Clark.

Clark, a 6-foot point guard from Romulus, Mich., told he and the 6-7 Young have talked about possibly playing together at Michigan State, or maybe Syracuse.

"We’re thinking about going somewhere together, Michigan State and Syracuse," Clark said after he went for 15 points and 7 assists and Young went for 34 points, 12 rebounds and 7 assists as The Family downed Mean Streets, 80-76, Saturday morning at the Peach Jam.

Young is rated No. 8 in the nation by Rivals while Clark gets four stars from ESPN.

Adrian Autry was among the many coaches on hand to watch both of them this past weekend, while Boeheim and Hopkins are off coaching the Olympics.

The trade-off with getting these guys is that, at least in Young's case, he's pretty upfront about his goals:

"I’m just looking for my best college, the one that’s going to get me one-and-done and give me the best opportunity to get out there," he said.

Don't know if that's the Syracuse Orange but I don't think we'll say no if he and Clark decide they want to head East.