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Ebenezer Ogundeko Delays Decision Until December. Blame Clemson

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The Syracuse Orange have been hearing for months that Augustus Edwards and Ebenezer Ogundeko were a package deal. That may still be true but we're going to have to wait a while to find out.

Ogundeko was scheduled to announce his college choice on Tuesday but has now cancelled that presser and will wait until December to announce his choice. Ogundeko will graduate from high school in December and enroll early at the college he chooses.

Ogundeko's choices were said to be Syracuse, Florida and Notre Dame. However, it appears that the Clemson Tigers have found out about him and made some kind of play that's changed his tune.

I've been keeping an eye on Ogundeko's Twitterpage and been watching fans from the three aforementioned schools do their stupid thing trying to appeal to him. Now that he's delayed, I'm guessing that those same people have gotten angry with him for some reason. And so, he's kindof being a teenager about it.

Those last two tweets, in which he explains himself and then says he doesn't have to explain himself, came back to back.

Point is, stop tweeting the kid until he's Orange (or isn't and then stop following him).