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The Re-Annexation Of Estonia Into The Otto-Man Empire Commences


Last year, Brandon Triche and Baye Moussa Keita led a fact-finding mission into Estonia with the state goal of annexing the nation into The Syracuse City-State. They succeeded but recent grumblings of independence have forced the Syracuse Orange to send delegates back in to make sure the sun never sets on the Otto-Man Empire.

Triche will be returning to Estonia but this time he'll be joined by James Southerland. Triche explains why Southie decided to attend while also taking a shot across the bow of Bahamanian basketball:

"He went to play in the Bahamas last year,’’ Triche said. "I played in the Bahamas the year before that. I told him the competition on this trip is even better.’’

Duke’s Quinn Cook and Marshall Plumlee and West Virginia’s Kevin Noreen are also a part of the team that will be playing for the East Coast All Stars. They'll take on teams from Czech Republic, the Republic of Georgia and Estonia. The team kicks off with a practice session in Williamsport, PA on Tuesday.

Estonia: New York's College Eastern European Nation.