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Former Syracuse RB Adam Harris Enters 2012 NFL Supplemental Draft

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Adam Harris' Syracuse football career was cut short by concussions and recommendations by the SU medical staff that he not play the sport again. Harris competed for SU on the track and field team in the shot put. However, Harris let it be known in May that he was going to resurrect his dream of playing professionally after getting clearance from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

And so, according to's Gregg Rosenthal, the list of eligible players for the 2012 NFL Supplemental Draft, which takes place July 12, includes Adam Harris.

The Supplementary Draft is for players who either missed the NFL Draft filing deadline or had issues which affected their eligibility. Teams are not required to make any picks in the draft and instead use a bid system based on what round they would select a player to determine if they will get his rights. If you get a player, you lose whichever round pick you offered up in next year's draft.

It's a longshot for a guy with three concussions on his record who didn't play football last season, but I suppose you never know. And Harris can always get a workout opportunity even if he's not selected.

Here's what Harris said back in May:

"It's an intimidating process no matter how you approach the situation. I can only control the things that I can control. Those are effort and hard work. " Harris continued, "If teams give me a shot, great. If not, I'll be at pro days next year.

"... When properly taken care of, concussions are just like any other injury. I've taken the proper precautions, done the things necessary to make sure that everything has healed properly before I returned."