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Jim Boeheim Loves Move To ACC, Doesn't Understand What Jim Boeheim Was So Worked Up About

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Here was Jim Boeheim's reaction when it was originally announced that the Syracuse Orange would be leaving the Big East Conference for the ACC:

"If conference commissioners were the founding fathers of this country, we would have Guatemala, Uruguay and Argentina in the United States."

"We're going to end up with mega conferences and 10 years from now either I'm going to be dead wrong - and I'll be the first to admit it - or everybody is going to be like, why did we do this again? Why is Alabama playing Texas A&M this week and going to Texas Tech next weekend? And why is Syracuse going to Miami in basketball this week and next week they're going to play Florida State?"

After some shock treatment and carefully-worded press releases claiming to be from him, he settled down and started to toe the party line. Now, Jim Boeheim doesn't see what Jim Boeheim was all worried about in the first place.

"To stay in one time zone and play in a great conference — a great all-around conference, but, specifically, a great basketball conference — is a great thing."

"This was coming," Boeheim said of the announcement of SU’s jump to the ACC. "We knew it was coming. But it’s good to get it done. We didn’t want to wait another two years. One year is doable. I’m glad things worked out the way they have."

Of course, this may only be because DOC Gross lied and told Boeheim the ACC Tournament is not in Greensboro anymore.