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Report: Syracuse Has Cloned Jim Brown, Ernie Davis & Floyd Little

Syracuse Orange football and lacrosse legend Jim Brown is on campus today, meeting with the current team and filming some kind of promo for the school:





I know that can't be an actual Syracuse football player. A current Syracuse football player wearing the storied number 44? That's crazytalk! Who would do such a thing?

So that only leaves one explanation...

Syracuse has cloned Jim Brown, Ernie Davis and Floyd Little and combined their DNA to form one SUPER-44.

He runs a 3.6 40.

In NCAA '13, he scores a 99 in speed, 99 in agility and 9,999 in stamina.

No word on whether or not Floyderniejim Browndavislittle is eligible this season or if he has to sit out a year due to some kind of prescient NCAA clone bylaw. We'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, the current Syracuse players were very excited for the chance to meet the original Jim Brown.