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Ebenezer Ogundeko Up Next, Augustus Edwards Stays Strong

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via Orange Fizz

With an Augustus now in the fold, Syracuse-area copy editors and bloggers are busy compiling their best Roman Emperor and Charlie & The Chocolate Factory references ("Augustus Gloops Boston College For 4 TDs"). Now if we can get Ebenezer Ogundeko to follow suit, we'll be up to our elbows in Charles Dickens' references ("The Ghost Of Christmas Pass Rush").

Point is, no one is happier about these guys' names than Bud Poliquin.

So in the aftermath of Edwards' decision, the RB commented that while he did not include the Miami Hurricanes in his final four, a late offer by them did give him pause before choosing the Orange.

"[Syracuse has] been a leader I would say since they offered," said Edwards. "They've always been a leader because it's a school I've been around for a long time. They've been here since the beginning. But there has been times when it has been tough, like recently when Miami offered me, that being my dream school, it was hard. But sometimes you've got to do the right thing for you and I think Syracuse is the right fit for me."

In other words, if you need something to worry about until NLI day, worry about Miami coordinators calling Edwards every week during the season.

Meanwhile, though Ogundeko was present at Edwards' decision, he made it clear that it doesn't mean he's officially SU-bound as well. He'll be choosing between SU, Florida and Notre Dame on July 24.

Ogundeko just returned from Nike’s "The Opening," a combine for the nation’s top prospects, where he apparently met lots of eager Florida and Notre Dame recruits looking to bring him into the fold.

As for where he stands with Syracuse, you can bet the fact that Edwards is headed there means a lot.

He said Edwards’ decision to attend Syracuse "impacts me a lot."

"Augustus, that’s my ‘bro,’" Ogundeko said. "Me and him are very close. We give each other advice. He wants the best for me and I want the best for him."

Ogundeko later added: "It puts pressure on me. If he’s going, why am I not going?"

I am all for peer pressure when it comes to getting four-star recruits to attend Syracuse. No problem whatsoever.

Ogundeko says he has an idea which school he's going to choose but isn't 100%. Hopefully, a visit to Syracuse along with Augustus this Sunday will make up his mind.