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Syracuse Player Development Coordinator Lazarus Sims Taking Job At Binghamton, Per Mike Hopkins

via <a href="" target="new">Mike Borkowski </a>
via Mike Borkowski

As first reported by Jeremy Ryan, Syracuse Orange assistant Mike Hopkins announced last night during the Salvation Army Turn Around Jumpers 3-on-3 Tournament that SU player development coordinator and assistant conditioning coach Lazarus Sims has accepted an assistant coach position with Binghamton University.

Great news for Sims as the Syracuse legend works his way up the coaching ladder. The ladder is currently full at SU but it's good to know he'll be working nearby and helping to wash the Georgetown stink off of Bingy.

While we didn't count him when we crunched the numbers, losing Sims means the SU coaching staff takes a little hit in their ability to out-play every other coaching staff in the nation. Then again, we are very guard-heavy there. Sims remains No. 9 all-time in assists for the Orange.

Binghamton recently hired former Rider coach Tommy Dempsey as the school continues to recover from the Kevin Broadus debacle. The Bearcats went 2-29 last year.

Good luck to Laz and may we see him back in the Dome soon as a head coach.