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Syracuse Football: Get To Know Your Orange Man - #20 Greg Tobias

Wow almost into the teens! Let's keep rolling and profiling young men in college in an almost stalkerish way because 21st century America says it's ok to do so because there is nothing greater than football!

Name: Greg Tobias

Number: 20

Year: Sophomore (But SU says junior even though he was born in '91 and 2011 was his freshman year...)

Position: Running back

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 169

Hometown: Sicklerville, NJ

HS: St. Augustine Prep

2011 Stats: Tobias appeared in three game, and even though Andrea Adelson thought he could contribute to the Syracuse ground game, he really didn't.

2012 Projections: With Syracuse's full backfield, unless catastrophic injuries occur, Tobias should appear in more games but will probably not accumulate any meaningful stats. Could be a good special teams player if he has speed.

How'd he get here? Greg joined the team as a walk on prior to the 2011 season. Hence the lack of stats and playing time.

What did Scouts/Rivals say? Nada. Zilch.

Money Quote: Via Facebook, Greg on rough summer so far.

cant wait until i can actually do some kind of sport i couldnt even shoot around at the park yesterday

Links o' Wonder: His MaxPreps stats from High School show 11 yards/carry. Impressive numbers.

What does Marrone think? I don't know, if I had telepathy these walk on profiles would be WAY more interesting.

Nugget of Interest: He was a potential Fab Melo tutor on the Spring Athletic Director's Honor Roll.

Let's Get a Good Look Atchya: Syracuse practice highlights!!

Greg Tobias highlights 20/28 (via gt20ism44)