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Syracuse Football: Get To Know Your Orange Man - #19 Ryan Lichtenstein

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It's time for more GTKYO, which is definitely not anything like NKOTB....right? Right.I'm a funny!

Name: Ryan Lichtenstein

Position: Kicker

Year: Senior

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 161

Hometown: Monroeville, PA

High School: Gateway

2011 Stats: N/A

2012 Projections: Remember when Lichtenstein was the man? Well, as much as any kicker can be 'the man' I guess. Still, back in his freshmen year the walk-on from PA took over the place kicking duties and ended up making 13 of 17 field goals and all but one of his 28 extra-point attempts. Then, a lot like VHS tapes, bag cell phones, and the Big East (too soon?), Lichtenstein's run came to an abrupt end.

Ross Krautman, a scholarship kicker, entered the program and Doug Marrone instantly turned the kicking duties over to man known simply as Das Boot. Since that point Lichtenstein has been the backup kicker, as he is once again this season. I'm betting we don't see much of him for his senior season, but at least Lichtenstein is on scholarship.

How'd He Get Here: Walk-ons don't usually get much attention. Lichtenstein did receive some moderate interest from other schools, but no one offered to pay for his talents education.

What did Scout/Rivals Say?: Both said nothing, but I bet they would often think wonderful thoughts, wishing they had said more.

Money Quote: Here's what Ryan's father Sam told the Syracuse Post Standard following his son's game winning field goal against Northwestern in 2009:

'You never know. You are either a hero or a goat.'

Of course, there is that other option, not getting to be either the hero or the goat...

Links of Wonder: Lichtenstein's last time accumulating stats for Syracuse actually came in the 2010 Pinstripe Bowl win over Kansas State, as a punter. Despite never punting in college, Lichtenstein was prepared for his new collegiate role thanks to his high school days.

What Does Marrone Think?: Marrone wasn't exactly thrilled to have to call on Lichtenstein to punt in the biggest game of his coaching career:

'Obviously, Lichtenstein’s been punting for us.'

Interesting Nugget O'Interest: You would think losing his starting job as kicker would cause Lichtenstein to hate the man who took his spot. You would think that, wouldn't you? Man, you're always starting stuff. I hate that about you.

Well, luckily for Marrone, Lichtenstein is BFF's with Krautman (or, he's just been slowly poisoning Das Boot's food with antifreeze for the last three years, waiting patiently for him to drop).

Let's Get a Good Look Atchya: If I kicked a game anything I would want to see it on an endless loop, no matter the shaky camera work: