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Is This Syracuse Football's New HydroChrome Helmet?

Eric A. kindly forwarded me a link to this photo on Hydro Graphic Inc's Facebook page showing Syracuse Orange head equipment manager Kyle Fetterly holding what is described as a new Syracuse football HydroChrome helmet.


In case you don't remember, the Oregon Ducks wore one of these for the Rose Bowl. We all made fun of it and said it looked weird. We should have kept our mouths shut.

I had a feeling Syracuse would be wearing special uniforms for the game against the USC Trojans, and though absolutely nothing official has been announced, put your money on that being the game we see these.

Thoughts? If anything it makes you wonder about the uniform that will accompany these new helmets. Oregon's whole uni that went with these helmets was kinda nuts. Double-or-nothing on the chance that the player gloves create the NYC skyline or "orange apple" design when combined. New York's HydroChrome Team.