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NCAA Football '13: Alec Lemon, Ross Krautman & Marquis Spruill Shall Lead Us

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Yesterday we found out that the Syracuse Orange have been rated as an 81 overall in NCAA Football '13. That's not much to write home about, especially since writing home over a team's rating in a video game seems like a complete waste of writing home.

The fine folks over at Tradition Sports Online did the lord's work and made a video compiling every school's roster and what their scores are (Syracuse shows up at the 13:45 mark). Let's extrapolate.

Syracuse has no players in the 90's, but you expected that.

Syracuse has nine players in the 80's including Alec Lemon (89), Ross Krautman (85), Marquis Spruill (85), Marcus Sales (85), Dyshawn Davis (84), Dan Vaughan (84), Ryan Nassib (83), Shamarko Thomas (81) and Andrew Philips (80).

Jerome Smith is the first RB to show up at 77 while Prince-Tyson Gulley clocks in at 74.

Justin Pugh, routinely considered Syracuse's top lineman, shows up all the way down at 77, making him the fourth-highest rated OL.

The game seems to be throwing its money behind Micah Robinson (74), Brandon Sharpe (74) and Jay Bromley (73) as our top defensive linemen.

Ridiculously Good Looking Charley Loeb is rated 68, which has to be due to some kind of bias over his Hollywood looks. He was a 75 last season!

Taking a look at last year's ratings, it's interesting to note that Ryan Nassib lost two points and many of the OL dropped while Alec Lemon and Marcus Sales got a huge boost. PTG went from an 80 to a 74, ouch.