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The Deskoing Of Syracuse Lacrosse Continues

As Tim leaves, Jeff arrives...
As Tim leaves, Jeff arrives...

Syracuse Orange lacrosse is required at all times to carry on a legacy of family members. The Gaits are the most famous, the Powells turned it into an artform and the Deskos have spanned multiple generations (not to mention the many other family connections...).

Just as human highlight reel Tim Desko graduates, cousin Jeff Desko, has committed to play for Uncle John at SU.

"Syracuse recruits on current ability or potential or both," said St. John’s head coach Terrence Leary. "In Jeff’s case, it was both. He’s got a high-velocity right-handed shot, and he’s extremely accurate. He’s also got the size and athletic ability to get away from his defender and get shots off, and his knowledge and vision on the lacrosse field separates him."

"When you consider the overall package- size and potential, talent-wise, he is a terrific recruit. He could be an impact player at Syracuse in a couple of years," Leary said.

Jeff initially didn't want to follow in his father, uncle and cousin's footsteps at Syracuse, but eventually decided to go after his birthright.

For those keeping score at home, a Desko has now been involved with Syracuse lacrosse every year since 1976 and will continue to do so moving forward.

Enjoy some Tim Desko highlights now...