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Syracuse vs. Arkansas Is Happening, Says The Other Two Parties With A Vested Interest In It Happening


The proposed basketball game between the Syracuse Orange and Arkansas Razorbacks this season has been in a state of limbo since it was announced and DOCTOR Daryl Gross strenuously objected to said announcement in a sternly-worded email.

Gross made it sound like the game might not happen as Syracuse already had plans in place, implying that it was made clear to the Big East beforehand that SU would not be available.

It would be a major embarrassment for ESPN and the Big East if this game, which they scheduled on Syracuse's behalf, were not to happen. It's the marquee game of that evening's action, would interfere with ESPN's advertising plans and be a slap in the face to the Big East brass.

Incidentally, ESPN just so happened to speak to the Big East and they said the game is happening.

Big East officials confirm that whatever negotiating is going on with Syracuse athletic director Daryl Gross and the Big East conference has nothing to do with the actual matchup of the Orange playing at Arkansas on Nov. 30 in the SEC-Big East Challenge. Big East associate commissioner Tom Odjakjian wouldn’t divulge what would be available to negotiate, but was adamant that the matchups are set. So, this will end up as a tough road stop for the Orange. Arkansas has become once again a tough-out at Bud Walton under Mike Anderson, just ask Michigan.

Well, glad that works out for everyone...

Andy Katz, who wrote the article, steers way clear of even touching the whole Pitt debacle, which seems par for the course given he's being fed this piece by the Big East.

As for what that means, that Syracuse and the Big East are negotiating "something" but not the status of the Arkansas game, I have no idea. Gross seemed to make it crystal clear that was exactly what he was going to negotiate so either someone's lying or there's more interesting news on the horizon.