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'Carmello' Anthony & The Secret Econo Lodge Rendezvous Filmed By Erin Andrews

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As mentioned yesterday, the world's most litigious man, Jonathan Lee Riches, tried to inject himself into the Laurie Fine-ESPN defamation lawsuit by filing a motion for the right to intervene.

You don't become the world's most litigious man by playing it safe with your accusations. The fact that he changed his name to "Gino Romano" in the motion isn't even the best thing about it, and you'd think it would be. Reading the actual motion, it tells the greatest, most shocking story never told about Syracuse Orange basketball's seedy underbelly.

...ESPN The Magazine continues to print stories saying that Laurie Fine, Jonathan Lee Riches as Gino Romano and Carmello Anthony when he was at Syracuse had sexual relations with each other at a Econo Lodge, where ESPN reporter Erin Andrews filmed the encounter through a room peep hole and gave the film to Chris Berman to report on the air.

Carmelo would have gotten away with it if he had just booked his room under a different name. Adding an L didn't cut it.

We continue...

ESPN is reporting that Jonathan Lee Riches was molested by Bernie Fine at the AMC movie theater while they were watching Sleepers with Brad Pitt while Laurie filmed it in the back row with Kodak products.

...ESPN keeps threatening me on my Gino Romano Facebook page. I ask this court for help.

And help, kind sir, is what we all hope you get...