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Dion Waiters: Swag To Be Turned Up For Draft Night

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Another week, another Dion Waiters blogpost over at

I’m still out here in Vegas with my whole family. Everybody is out here, all of my family members. My mother is actually cooking a lot of spaghetti.

You don't say...

I think New Orleans and Anthony Davis would be a good fit. He could change the franchise around.

I think you meant...but you said...forget it...

With my predicted status in the draft, I just knew once I was able to show people what I really could do, it was going to change and I would rise up the draft boards. I really felt that in my mind. For a while, they had me at like 20 and all that. But that really doesn’t matter.

The epitome of "humble & hungry" is to make it clear you're really good and then qualify everything you said with saying that you don't actually care.

I like to wear suits for special occasions, yet I’m not going to make any statements at the draft. But I am going to look real fly. Sharp. I will turn my swag all the way up. want to wear a special suit but you're not going to wear a special suit but you will wear a special suit? Got it.

To be honest, I really don’t know how many sneakers I have. When I was at Syracuse, I just gave all of my stuff away...I used to give away all my Syracuse stuff to everybody.. to friends, or if a little kid comes up to me after I’m done working out and asks for some sneakers or things like that, I will just give them away.

HUMBLE and hungry.

I’ve known Scoop for a while. He’s from Philly, though he didn’t really play a big part in convincing me to go to Syracuse. He did a little but it was more Coach Hop [Mike Hopkins].

Putting the nail in the whole "cousin" coffin.

Even on a regular day, I get messages on there from fans all day. It’s non-stop. It’s crazy, especially after the Syracuse games when we’d win, I’d probably have 400 or 500 mentions. People would go crazy for the games. And I would be retweeting a lot but I really couldn’t get everyone. I’d still probably retweet like 150 times. I try to communicate with the fans and everyone on there as much as I can.

We know.