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The TNIAAM Summer Pledge Drive (Not Really, But Kinda)

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"Excuse me, what the hell is a blog?"
"Excuse me, what the hell is a blog?"

Hey, so you know how I keep being a noodge about those blogging classes that you're not interested in? My apologies for pounding it into the ground. Here's the thing, though...

As you guys (probably) know, I'm writing and blogging full-time now and have recently focused just about all of my attention on the blog and related endeavors. The great part about that is it frees me up to write more and do what I want on the site. The less-than-great part is that not having a full-time job doesn't pay quite as well (at the moment) as having one.

So I do stuff like the classes to support myself and I'm honored and humbled (and hungry) by all of the people who take the classes and hopefully get a good value out of it.

I set a quota for myself to get up to speed for the next couple months and I'm about five classes short of that right now. If I could sell five more online classes, I'll be where I need to be and won't have to worry about taking on other gigs that take me away from my beloved SU blog and related things.

SO, I wanted to ask a favor of you, my trusty readers.

1. If you know anyone who might possibly be interested in one of my online classes about blogging, please pass the link along.

2. If you think one of the classes might make a great gift for an aspiring blogger, your mom or a struggling writer you know, why not buy them one?

3. If you've been holding out on signing up for a class (and can afford to, no one needs to spend June on the breadline for me), operators are standing by.

The price of each class gets you a video of the course, slides and access to ask me any question your heart desires (about blogging, that is).

Also, if you're not interested in the classes but were interested in a signed copy of How To Grow An Orange, I'm about to get a shipment of those from the publisher. They're $30 (including shipping) and can be ordered here. Perfect for friends and family with new oranges on the way and, well, any Syracuse fan or Syracuse fan-in-training, really. Give me two weeks to deliver. Minus the publisher fees, ten or so copies of the book would get us to quota.

Appreciate the help, dear readers. And here's the best part, if we hit the quota, you won't see my repost or retweet that damn class link anymore this summer. Now THAT'S motivating...