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SU Athletics Shop Not Above A Little Hanky Panky

In case you missed it, UConn unveiled a gorgeous new shirt late last week, which in turn inspired a post about the most embarrassing items for sale in the UConn online store.

That made me think about the Syracuse online store and what disasters might be waiting there. We know all about the weird pillow pet thing and that disturbing foam head hat, but perhaps there were horrors even deeper in the chasm awaiting us and our souls.

It turns out, there aren't many other items that are going to get your blood boiling. There are, however, a couple items that might get your blood...pumping, as it were.


THINK OF THE CHILDREN! Actually, its not the womens' camisole by itself that catches the eye. It's the description, which is a minefield of double entendres.

Dream sweetly of Syracuse victories in this camisole from Hanky Panky. This unlined, bra-friendly cami features scalloped lace trim at the neckline, straps and hem. It also has a sparkly rhinestone logo at the right chest for a feminine, spirited edge. This flirty see-through top is guaranteed to prepare you for a full night's rest before the big Orange game!

That last line reminds me of a very specific scene from Mallrats (headphones UP!).

It's not just about tops here. Bottoms get their due as well...


Keep the Orange on your mind morning, noon and night with the Boyshort from Hanky Panky. These panties have a medium rise and cover the hips and backside with delicate lace trim around the waistband and leg. Plus, its sparkly rhinestone logo adds a sweet edge to any game day.

Why does your skimpy underwear keep the Orange on your mind at all three sectors of the day? What are you doing over there? Hands where we can see them!

And you know what's missing from my Syracuse game days? A sweet edge. Every time I sit down to watch the Orange play, I am constantly wishing there was an edge to the experience, and that said edge were a bit sweeter than, say, salty or sour. Now I know what I've been missing.

By the way, I found these products by perusing the Father's Day Gift Guide. Happy Father's Day indeed.