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Scoop Jardine's Key To Weight Loss: A Lot Of Pooh

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I knew Scoop Jardine looked a lot svelter the last time we saw him. It's the cheeks. They're still as pinchable as ever but there's just a little less to pinch.

Scoop worked out for the Philadelphia 76ers Sunday, which is ironic because, you see, Scoop is from Philadelphia. The article talks a lot about how Scoop's career, and physique, is being molded by former NBA star Jerome "Pooh" Richardson, who is now part owner of Rival Sports, a full-service sports agency.

"Right now, I'm turning a lot of heads," Jardine said after he and Lamb spent about a half-hour going one-on-one. "I'm starting to really rise since the workouts started. My dream is just to be drafted. I don't know where at. I'm very confident that I'll be drafted come June 28."

According to the article, Scoop is down from 208 to 195 since graduating, thanks to Pooh, who is using the age-old dance-floor technique, "work that body" when it comes to his client:

"He already had the discipline," Richardson said of Jardine, who graduated from Syracuse with degrees in sociology and child and family studies. "We have to work the body. I wanted to bring up his endurance and his quickness. He is very savvy. We didn't have to work on that. But the key is to get him quicker, stronger, and more explosive. I didn't concentrate on the basketball as much as I did his body."

Looks like it's gonna be turkey cheesesteaks with low-fat cheese on a whole grain bun for a while. Ooh Yea That's Healthy.

H/T: Matt P.