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Iowa DE John Raymon Transfer Reports Premature, Still In Limbo

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The day after the news broke that former Iowa Hawkeyes DE John Raymon was transferring to play for the Syracuse Orange, I checked and saw that they still hasn't written a story about it.

The red flag went right up. And rightfully so as Dave Rahme now reports that the transfer isn't quite as secure as first noted.

A source close to the Syracuse University football team confirmed this morning that former Iowa defensive end John Raymon has contacted the school to express interest in transferring. The source said the situation is "favorable" but that reports published earlier this week by recruiting services stating Raymon is definitely transferring to SU were premature. The source said there are still compliance issues to be ironed out before Raymon’s transfer becomes official. That could come as early as Monday, according to another source close to the program.

Raymon left Iowa in the middle of his freshman season and decided he wanted to play closer to home (Philadelphia). Rahme notes that there are reports Raymon will seek a waiver to play immediately, though also reminding everyone that such waivers are hard to come by (more so in football).

Side note...I'm going back to waiting until or a similar news source reports recruiting and transfers. This is the second time this has happened and I'm tired of getting my hopes up.