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Will The Cleveland Cavaliers Select Dion Waiters With The No. 4 Pick?


Cause that seems...I don't know...high?

But Yahoo! Sports says so, so...

Cleveland has intensified its background checks on Waiters, and sources in direct contact with Cavs officials believe Waiters would be the franchise's choice over Kansas’ Thomas Robinson should the Charlotte Bobcats select Michael Kidd-Gilchrist at No. 2, and the Washington Wizards take Beal at No. 3.

Tell you what, even if he didn't have a promise from the Phoenix Suns, not working out for any NBA teams might end up being the smartest thing Dion could have done. It's created this aura and mystery around him, which is exactly the kind of thing that turns 17th picks into 5th picks in the NBA Draft. There's always a GM wondering what those others guys see that they don't see and then figuring well, if they see something, I better take him first...

Wojo also reports that the Toronto Raptors are aggressively trying to move up past the Golden State Warriors. Both teams have been linked to Waiters and Toronto is the only team he worked out for.

In other words, nobody knows nothing...