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Syracuse Football: Get To Know Your Orange Man: #95 - Josh Manley

More SU football? More SU football!

Name: Josh Manley

Number: 95

Position: Defensive Tackle

Year: Freshman

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 245

Hometown: College Park, Ga.

High School: Milton

2011 Stats: N/A

2012 Projections: Manley may not get too much run in 2012, but, don't forget that the position he plays, defensive end, is pretty wide open as we head into the season. Chandler Jones is gone to the NFL, while both Mikhail Marinovich and Torrey Ball are gone to graduation.

Defensive coordinator Scott Shafer could turn to senior Brandon Sharpe, sophomore Micah Robinson, or any number of incoming frosh, including Manley to help take up the slack. The first few weeks of August could be huge for Manley.

How'd He Get Here?: Being from Georgia, Manely drew interest from Georgia Tech, along with other ACC schools Boston College, North Carolina State, and Virginia, and Wake Forest. Louisville, Mississippi State, Purdue, and Stanford also pursued Manley for his manly talents (aaayyoo!).

The boys from Orange Fizz say that Manely picking SU was a 'huge recruiting win'

'With the losses of Chan Jones and Mikhail Marinovich on the defensive line, the Orange desperately needed to begin filling in the holes. Manley does exactly that..'

Scout/Rivals Said: Even with all the love from fairly big time schools, Scout handed out 2 stars while Rivals dished Manley 3 big stars.

Money Quote: Come to SU for the football, stay for the family-style bonding!

'The highlight of my visit was the connection that other recruits and me made with the players that were already there. Within the first 20-30 minutes of meeting everyone, there was no tension between anyone … it was like family right off the bat, without any hesitation.'

Links of Wonder: This is a story about a man named Manley who practices his trait in a building named Manley.

What Does Marrone Think?: Marrone was so afraid of losing Manley to another school, possibly even Missouri, that he took a trip to Georgia before signing day just to make sure Manley wasn't thinking of reneging on his commitment.

Interesting Nugget O'Interest: Remember former NFL star Dexter Manley (He of the 97.5 career NFL sacks)? Well, Josh is the All-Pro's nephew! Does that mean Josh will turn into an NFL superstar and Superbowl champ? Well, we can only hope, right?

Let Us Get a Good Look Atchya: Here's some highlights of a Milton High game from earlier this past season: