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Ooh No That Sucks: Scoop Jardine Breaks Foot, Will Miss Summer League


Up there with the "your starting center will miss the NCAA Tournament anytime you're a No. 1 seed," the "one of your players will have a debilitating injury that causes them not to get drafted and/or miss significant opportunities in the pros" curse is slowly making a case for itself as one of the most annoying things for Syracuse Orange fans. And of course, the players.

Paul Harris' never-ending quest to play in the NBA seemed to be hampered by injury for years. Arinze Onuaku missed a critical time period after graduation to get on the floor due to injury. And now Scoop Jardine's dream of hearing his name called on NBA Draft night and playing in Summer League is done due to a broken foot suffered during a workout.

In his last workout prior to Thursday’s NBA draft, Jardine sustained the injury when his foot came down on the foot of Mississippi State guard Dee Bost.

"I came down and it just popped,’’ Jardine said in a telephone call from Los Angeles on Tuesday. "I tried to finish the workout and I couldn’t put any pressure on it. They shut me down.’’

That's it, put Mississippi State on the schedule, too. Payback time.

Unfortunately, that means Scoop has to have surgery today, will rehab for six to eight weeks and will not be able to play in Summer League. The earliest he could be back is August.

Scoop says he plans on coming back to SU to rehab and train, so at least we get to see a little of him, which is never a bad thing. know...this sucks. I don't think most of us expected to hear his name called on draft night, but you had to assume he was going to get a shot to play over the summer. Now that uphill climb just got a whole lot steeper.