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Syracuse Football: Get To Know Your Orange Man - #1 Ashton Broyld

FACEBOOK: Ashton playing a little QB. Will this be a scene for the fall too?
FACEBOOK: Ashton playing a little QB. Will this be a scene for the fall too?

We're getting closer to the end, which means we're getting closer to the start of football. Hopefully that's a good thing...

Name: Ashton Broyld (A.K.A. Player X, Slash (not to be too parenthetical, but I hate 'Slash' as a nickname), The Great Broyldudini)

Number: 1

Position: Quarterback

Year: Freshman

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 229

Hometown: Rochester, NY

High School: Rush Henrietta HS - Milford Academy (prep)

2011 Stats: Academic issues sent Broyld to Milford last year where he excelled on the field and was a 2011 PrepStar All-East Region selection.

2012 Projections: Of all the projections, Broyld's is probably the most intriguing. Here's a freshman who could come in and see action at a wide variety of positions on offense, including taking time from Ryan Nassib at quarterback. At the same time, Broyld's run this year could very well be limited by his inexperience and overall raw abilities.

Seeing as coach Doug Marrone utilized Broyld at running back and in the slot during the spring game, I'm betting we see more of Broyld than we don't, just not often at QB. The frosh, however, could be that dynamic offensive player the team has been missing since wide out Mike Williams could stretch defenses. Not in the sense of being a speedy receiver, but in the way Broyld can confuse and overpower defenses.

Here's what Brent Axe wrote after watching Broyld make a spectacular play during the spring game:

'Broyld did not line up at quarterback, but did line up at running back and receiver and made the play of the day on a 44-yard catch and run from Charlie Loeb in the 4th quarter. Broyld took the pass on the right sideline, cut into the middle of the field, shook off 2-3 tackles and turned on the jets towards the other sideline before being forced out of bounds'

Doesn't that just sound awesome? I wouldn't expect huge numbers this coming fall, especially without a defined position, but I think we can expect to see Broyld have a positive impact that should become greater overtime. Keeping Broyld on the field is actually going to be a fun problem for Marrone and SU fans.

How'd He Get Here?: Akron (of course), Eastern Michigan, and Louisville all offered Broyld a scholarship. Being a standout from Rochester, Marrone couldn't let Broyld slip out of New York, conversely, Broyld wanted to stay in the area and play in the Dome.

It is important to note that Broyld did plead guilty to a disorderly conduct charge in the fall of 2011. Police accused Broyld of dropping his pants and exposing himself after fouling out of a basketball game. Broyld was ordered to do community service and, presumably, not to expose himself again!

Scout/Rivals Said: Both game Broyld a total of 30 stars! Oh my God, that's amazing! How'd SU get a player like....oh wait, sorry, that's 3, Scout and Rivals game Broyld 3. Sorry about that, my bad vision caused me to get a little over excited.

(Dan did have an TNIAM Team Exclusive Twitter Team Report that Broyld was bumped up to 4 stars by Scout last winter.)

Money Quote: Here's Broyld after the 'exposure' incident.

'You know, we all make mistakes, you know, I'm learning a lot right now," Broyld said. "There is still more to be learned at this lesson. You know, I'm taking it day by day slowly as I can. You know, I'm becoming a better person now.'

Links of Wonder: Broyld may, or may not, be on Twitter with the handle @jerk12310.

What Does Marrone Think?: Oh baby, Marrone's got a lot to say!

'Again, he is a special kid as far as talent. We have to bring him along where he can help us wherever it may be. He is a dual-threat quarterback, running back, which is where we had him mostly in the second half of spring football, and then putting him out there on the slot or outside wide. He is a big, strong, physical athlete. I think he is going to be a great asset to us offensively. We have to keep bringing him along because he is someone who can make a lot of plays.'

Interesting Nugget O'Interest: Ashton's father, Ashley, played D1 football at the University of Maryland.

Let Us Get a Good Look Atchya: Anyone up for a good ol' rap song?