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Urban Outhitter: Former SU Women's Basketball Player Involved In Fracas

Back on May 27th, former Syracuse Orange women's basketball player allegedly hit two Armory Square location Urban Outfitters employees during a fight. has the court record details, which all started when she and a woman who had been previously caught stealing merchandise entered the store:

When told they needed to leave the store, Stokes is accused of punching a female employee in the face, scratching, pushing and pulling the employee's hair.

A second female employee began yelling at Ash to get Stokes off the first employee. That's when Ash is accused of hitting the second employee.

During the ensuing fight, Ash is also accused of hitting the first employee -- pushing, punching and scratching her. That employee suffered a swollen left eye, scratches on her chest, under her nose and under her left eye.

She's due back in court on July 9.

Ash's Syracuse career ended on a down note. After starting a few games as a freshman and seeing playing time as a sophomore, she redshirted due to an injury and saw no playing time this past year. She left the program at the end of her senior season with one year of eligibility left.