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Syracuse's Nominees For The SB Nation College Football Hall Of Fame

Should we nominate Donovan McNabb or Don MacPherson?
Should we nominate Donovan McNabb or Don MacPherson?

The general belief among bloggers and most other writers is that the College Football Hall of Fame needs an overhaul. So just like with football polls, the SB Nation college bloggers are blowing it up. They are asking for up to five nominees from 10 categories. Some of these will be easier than others, but here are the categories:

QB, RB, WR, TE, OL, DL, LB, DB, ST, Coach.

Eligibility is simple: For players or inactive coaches, the nominee should have been out of college for four full years. So the first class would cover 1962 to players and coaches who finished their career by 2007 (bowls of January 2008). The other option for active coaches OR coaches who haven't been inactive for four years is that they were at their current position for at least five seasons. (Position, NOT school.). Basically, we can nominate five players here and submit them.

We're allowed to submit up to five nominees but no more than one from each category.

While I am a dictator, I consider myself a benevolent dictator (though I suppose all dictators see themselves that way). I want to leave it up to you guys to decide who our nominees should be. And here's how we're going to do it...

  • Post a comment with the name of one player or coach in it. You can nominate as many players or coaches as you want but they must be mentioned in separate comments. (Please note the allotted timeframe...1962 is your initial year so Ernie Davis and anyone before him is not eligible, which sucks for us).
  • If your nominee has already been mentioned (or you want to nominate one person but also like some others), hit the recommend button on the comment with that player or coach's name. (If you hit "Actions," it should bring up a couple of options -- click the one with the star and "Rec.")
  • Joke nominations like Greg Robinson or Quentin Spotwood will be discarded at my discretion.
  • The five nominees with the most rec's will be presented to the SB Nation HOF committee for consideration. I honestly have no idea what happens after that but I assume all five of our nominees get in no questions asked*.

*probably not.

You've got the weekend. NOMINATE!