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Syracuse Football: Get To Know Your Orange Man - #4 Brandon Reddish

The series is about getting to know the Orange but today our focus turns a little Reddish (sorry)...

Name: Brandon Reddish

Position: Cornerback

Year: Sophomore

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 179

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

High School: Fort Hamilton

2011 Stats: Even as a freshman, Reddish saw action in all 12 games for the Orange. Some of that had to do with how decimated the SU secondary was at times. He garnered six total tackles on the season. Of course, he was also the victim of a Matt Barkley long ball, so...

2012 Projections: Reddish is one of those guys who could very easily break-out in 2012. He's currently one of the starting corners on the depth chart but Keon Lyn should supplant him once he returns from injury. That said, don't think Reddish is going to shrink away. Expect to see him get plenty of playing time and challenge Lyn as well as Ri'Shard Anderson for those top spots.

Reddish is also expected to see a lot of action on kickoff returns. The speedster was a hecuka receiver in high school so he's got the tools to be make some plays on special teams.

How'd He Get Here: Reddish was a hot commodity coming out of high school, with offers from Maryland, UConn, Penn State, Rutgers and West Virginia. Somehow, it came down to Syracuse and Penn State and we won.

Scout/Rivals Said: Rivals said the boy could play, three stars. Scout went...three stars, too? They can do that???

Money Quote: "I liked the whole school...I worked hard. Now hopefully I can succeed. I’m very happy right now."

Links o' Wonder: Here's the NY Post's article on his commitment to SU.

What Does Marrone Think: After his freshman got burned for a TD against USC...

"Whether you’re a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior some plays are going to happen on you because those guys on the other side of the ball get scholarships just like we do," said Kevyn Scott, a senior who was playing the other corner at the time. "We’re playing man-to-man coverage, and they’re going to make a play on you every once in a while."

Nugget O'Interest: Reddish was high school teammates with fellow Orange Ivan Foy.

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