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Syracuse vs. USC: Orange 21-Point Underdogs Already

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As we are all required by law to refer to it as...The New York College Classic will feature the Syracuse Orange and the USC Trojans doing battle at MetLife Stadium. The New York College Classic might take place in New Jersey but I assure you it will have a very New York feel. How do I know?

It's in the name. And names don't lie, you guys.

Expectations, like names, are very black and white. And the expectations that the fine folks at Las Vegas' Golden Nugget is that the Trojans are going to put another whooping on New York's College Team at New York's College Classic during a New York College Football Game in New Jersey.

They've released early lines on 111 college football games in 2012 and as for this one, they've got the Trojans favored by 21 points.

Excuse me, I mean the Trojans are favored by New York's College Spread, which is 21 points.

If it makes you feel better, three USC opponents are currently expected to lose by even more. Colorado is currently a 34-point underdog to them!

To be fair, the Orange have bested a 36.5 point spread before, 21 points ain't nothing...