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Syracuse Football Nonconference Schedule 2nd Toughest Overall, So, There's That


A few weeks ago, DOCTOR Daryl Gross said "this will be a very, very, very, very tough year" for Syracuse Orange football. Looking at the schedule, it's not hard to understand why.

While the Big East schedule looks a lot easier now that West Virginia and TCU are gone, the non-conference schedule created in the wake of their departure is probably the toughest we've played in years.

Well, at least a Syracuse team is getting credit for scheduling tough. The Oklahoman ranked the nonconference schedules of the 68 schools in the six major conferences and compares the collective schedules of each conference. According to them, Syracuse has the 2nd-toughest nonconference schedule in the nation.

Northwestern, Southern Cal, Stony Brook, at Minnesota, at Missouri. I have to admit, I didn't know that schedules like this existed anymore. The Orange is playing four nonconference games against major-conference foes. Four!

We have to admit, we didn't know either!

The Big East fares well overall, also including No. 6 (USF), No.9 (Pitt), No. 13 (Louisville) and No. 23 (Temple). The Big East also plays more "National Powers" and Non-Conference Away Games than any other conference.