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My Favorite Syracuse Football Highlight: The Name-Maker


Samsung has been kind enough to sponsor TNIAAM today and all they ask in return is for me to tell you about my favorite Syracuse Orange football highlight.

Don't mind if I do...

There's a lot of obvious choices out there. McNabb to Brominski. MacPherson and Owens saving the undefeated season against West Virginia. The Pinstripe Bowl flea-flicker.

For me, however, I have to go with a highlight that might have been lost to the ages if not for the fateful uttering of a phrase that remained stuck in my noggin for years until I finally brought it back full-circle and unleashed it upon an unsuspecting world and unsuspecting former Syracuse QB (the magic is at the 0:32 mark).

In case it's unclear, that's the 2002 game between Syracuse and Auburn. And yes, we lost the game eventually. But that doesn't change the importance of that highlight and how it will ring through history like a Freedom Bell.

Now, I would imagine you have a Syracuse football highlight in mind that's more memorable for you. What is it? Share them in the comments below and we'll spend all day scouring YouTube to watch them on an endless loop.