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Florida & Georgetown Get A Carrier Game Without The Loss To Syracuse

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Last season, the Florida Gators lost 72-68 to Syracuse in the Carrier Dome.

Then the Georgetown Hoyas lost to the Syracuse Orange 64-61 in the Carrier Dome.

That's the thing. Everyone wants to play in a place named Carrier but no one wants to lose to Syracuse.

Florida and Georgetown have a solution!

In a surprisingly awesome turn of scheduling events, Andy Katz is reporting that Georgetown will face the Florida Gators in the second edition of the Carrier Classic on a ship off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida. The game will be played on Friday, November 9th, the opening day of the college basketball season.

The Hoyas were super serious about playing basketball on a boat this season. They were originally supposed to play in the Battle on the Midway but were replaced by Syracuse.

Our Casual friends say they took "the bigger game," though last I checked, the Aztecs were expected to be just as good if not better team and if you're giving me a choice between San Diego, CA and Jacksonville, FL, I think I'll take the former, thanks.

This also means there are now three game on aircraft carriers involving Big East teams scheduled. Marquette will play Ohio State on a ship off of Charleston, S.C. Both the Syracuse and Georgetown game are scheduled for November 9th and this third game is expected to happen then as well. It's a little out of control, all this aircraft carrier basketball, but it will make for an interesting opening day.