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Paul Harris Talking And Texting In Tropang Once Again

Even on the other side of the world, Paul keeps it orange.
Even on the other side of the world, Paul keeps it orange.

Back in March, Paul Harris told SLAM "my goal is to continue to take my game to another level and one day play in the NBA. I plan on working hard, taking my game back overseas and hopefully get the push this year in Summer League for a team."

A few days later he joined the NBDL's Iowa Energy just before the end of their season. And then...the former Philippines Basketball League champion did what anyone would do...he went back to the Philippines.

Harris is once again talking, texting and scoring for the Tropang Talk 'n' Texters. Not only that, he is once again their superstar, averaging 27.2 points and 12.8 rebounds in five games so far. In case you're wondering, Paul is their center. Unfortunately, the team isn't coming together in championship form and is currently 2-3.

Harris, however, needs to keep on his toes. The TNT are thinking about bringing in another import, who would replace Paul on the roster. If the team can't turn it around, he might end up as the scapegoat. The poll results seem to be on Paul's side. I'm not quite sure why getting rid of the guy averaging 27 points a game is the answer, but who knows...

Hopefully Paul and the TNT get it together cause nothing short of championships is what Syracuse fans expect when it comes to Pacific Rim basketball.