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Get To Know Your OrangeMan: #13 Deon Goggins

The Beast without Human Sensibilities stalks his prey (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
The Beast without Human Sensibilities stalks his prey (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Much like Syracuse did all season, I'm stuck playing catchup up here because I completely forgot about the second half of the season. Ok I'll stop now. Only a few more to go!

Name: Deon Goggins

Number: 13

Position: Defensive End

Year: Senior (RS)

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 272

Hometown: Los Angelas, CA

High School: Sommerset, HS

2011 Stats: After sitting down his first year at SU (more on that in a minute) Goggins started all 12 games for the Orange and held down the trenches. Goggins finished with 43 total tackles with 7.5 of them for a loss. A forced fumble and a sack and a half were icing on the cake for a great statistical year for a position that gets little love in the stat sheet. Goggins was not perfect, but was a bright spot for the Orange this past year.

2012 Predictions: As a redshirt senior, not only will Goggins have to improve his overal play, but he will have to be a mentor to the new members of the Syracuse defensive front. As a JUCO transfer, he will have to mentor those players in the same situation who are trying to fill the huge shoes of Chandler Jones and Mikhail Marinovich. Goggins' play will have to improve for that very same reason: Marrone will be moving him to defensive end.

How'd he get here? As alluded to and mentioned above, Goggins is a JUCO transfer from LA Harbor College and Cerritos CC on the West Coast. This is starting to look like a pattern for Marrone... But anyways, we got him over Washington State and Baylor so not too shabby.

What did Scouts/Rivals say? Scouts gave him 3 stars, Rivals never rated him.

Money Quote: Goggins is exactly the old school type of player Marrone wants so badly for the Orange:

When asked about his style of play, Goggins said, "Rough — or my favorite word, brutal." Pressed to describe what that means, Goggins said he aims to become a player "resembling a beast without human sensibility."

Links O' Wonder: piece on Goggins' move to defensive end.

What does Marrone think? Not Marrone directly, but Jimmy Brumbaugh:

"He really understands d-line play now. He’s really come along and has been a good player for us."

The article goes on to say that Marrone thinks the light came on for Goggins during the Ernie Davis Scrimmage.

Nugget O' Intrest: Deon's uncle is the Football Recruiting Coordinator at the University of Colorado. Glad he didn't go there.

Let's get a good look atchya: Time to get under the facemask: