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Celebrate Syracuse Fan Father's Day With 315 Collection


This post is sponsored by 315 Collection...

Look, I don't mean to alarm you but it's Friday and Father's Day is Sunday. You really, really should have gotten your Dad something by now. But, of course, you waited. It's just so like you. Your mother was right. And now Dad is going to spend Father's Day giftless and miserable and staring into the middle-distance while eating tacos all by himself.


You stop what you're doing right this instant and head over to and get your Syracuse fan Dad the perfect Father's Day gift.

Oh, don't believe it's possible? You think there's no way they could have the one thing your Dad really awesome Syracuse-style watch?


Img_2438_medium Img_2442_medium

And it's not just watches. 315 Collection is full of accessory items like beaded watch bands, eye-D beads and cell phone charms -- all with orange and blue themes. The best part is that all net profits from the sale of the line go directly toward and endowed scholarship fund for a dually-enrolled Newhouse/A&S undergrad. So not only are you helping Dad but you're also helping future Syracuse Orange students, too.

And through the rest of June, TNIAAM readers get FREE SHIPPING on orders over $44 just by entering this code during checkout: TNIAAM44

Also, 315 Collection is trying to get their Facebook Likes up to 315. If we can get them there by June 30th, they're going to pick a Facebook follower at random and give them a $44 gift certificate! So get to Like-ing!

For those in the Syracuse area this weekend, you can go check out 315 Collection's booth at the Fairmount Community Church on West Genesee Street from 10 – 4 on Saturday. Cut out all that shipping...

Read more about how 315 Collection came to be and just in case you're worried this is run by someone who isn't a true Orange, owner Carla would like to introduce you to her best friends, Michael and C.J.

Check out 315 Collection and go have a Happy Father's Day, with or without tacos.