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Syracuse Football: Get To Know Your Orange Man -- #12 Dontez Ford

FROM TWITTER! My wife pointed out she likes that the two coordinated their outfits with the purple. Seriously, these are conversations, real conversations, in my house.
FROM TWITTER! My wife pointed out she likes that the two coordinated their outfits with the purple. Seriously, these are conversations, real conversations, in my house.

It's a post on the best SU website there is, do you really even care what it's about?

Name: Dontez Ford

Position: Defensive Back

Year: Freshmen

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 190

Hometown: McKees Rock, Pa.

High School: Sto-Rox (Yes, this is a real high school, I Googled it. OK, no I didn't, but I assume it's real.)

2011 Stats: N/A

2012 Projections: Ever wonder what a redshirt season looks like before it actually happens? Just check out the 2012 depth chart to figure out Ford's immediate future at SU. Although, Ford is a legit threat to get some run if he competes in fall camp.

How'd He Get Here?: Guess who Syracuse beat out for the right to call Dontez Ford its own? Akron, but of course! Ford chose SU over the Zips, to go along with Vanderbilt and Temple.

And, just in case you were starting to think Ford was another one of those minor recruits who had no real choice but to commit to play for Doug Marrone, he was named to the Pittsburgh Tribune's Pennsylvania's 'Terrific 25.' Ford was a decorated player who actually captained his team all the way to a state title game as a senior.

Scout/Rivals Said: A whooping 3 stars from Scout, while Rivals went with 2 stars, mostly because they overslept and barely made it into the office the day rankings were due.

Money Quote: Want to know what number Ford will wear this fall? Well, calm the F down, Dontez will tell you, if you ask nicely. OK, that's a lie, he'll tell just about anyone anything, really.

Wearing number 12 at Syracuse!

Links of Wonder: Ford says he built a relationship with the SU coaching staff during the recruiting process, which turned out to be a main reason why the defensive back from PA choose SU.

'I built a relationship with Coach (Dan) Conley that I didn't build with any other coach at any other school.'

So, that's great, right? Coach Conley, a defensive coach, has a relationship with an incoming defensive player. What's that? Conley was let go? Um, nothing to see here. Let's move on....

Actually, let's move on to just how great of a story Ford's is. By his account, Ford was probably headed for something bad in life. That is, of course, until he decided to turn things around. That applies to school and athletics, because without changing either, Ford may not be attending college, let alone Syracuse University, this fall.

Ford comes across, at least through some articles and various interviews, as an introspective kid who will probably relish his college days and take the time to improve from year to year. Also, I've been waiting to through in 'relish' into one of these profiles. So there ya go.

Doug Marrone Thinks: While I'm sure Marrone is all butterflies in the stomach over the incoming DB, it was Ford's high school coach who said the following to the Orange Fizz:

'Dontez is a big physical player. He is six foot two, 200 pounds, and can run. (He) Played wide receiver and free saftey for me and has great ball skills.'

Sounds good, no?

Interesting Nugget O'Interest: Dontez Ford is likely to play in the secondary for Syracuse at some point, maybe this fall, but did you know dude is a money receiver too? In a high school all star game, Ford caught four balls for 184 yards and two scores, including two 80 yard plus touchdown catches, in his West team's 45 - 24 win in the Pennsylvania Scholastic Football Coaches Association East/West All-Star Game.

Ford is probably one of those classic athletes, all the speed and inherent skill to play wide out or defensive back. Marrone decided to go DB, hopefully it's the right call.

Let Us Get a (Ridiculously) Good Look Atchya: Words can not describe:

Actually, a few can describe that video; awesome, breathtaking, amazing...Seriously, Ford hasn't played a down for Syracuse and he is easily one of my most favoritest players on the team. In the top 50 for sure.

In more serious video news, here's Ford talking all things him coming to Syracuse with the guys from the Orange Fizz: