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Phoenix Suns Reportedly Gave Dion Waiters NBA Draft Promise Ring

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When Dion Waiters left the Combine without so much as one spin-move-dunk-followed-by-preening-yet-"humble"-posing, the smart money was that he had received some kind of promise from an NBA team to draft him. Most people pointed at the Toronto Raptors with the eighth pick in the draft, though they flatly denied it. Others thought it might be the Phoenix Suns, who draft thirteenth and are in desperate need of a guard.

Sounds like it was indeed the Suns after all, per the Journal-Times in Wisconsin (via

So which team has allegedly "promised" to take Syracuse guard Dion Waiters. I’ve been told by two NBA officials that it is the Phoenix Suns, who pick right after the Bucks.

Of course, don't assume that just because the Suns want him with that pick that Dion will end up there. There's still a good chance someone will pick him before he gets that far, especially given all of the hype he's been generating. That he won't participate in workouts only feeds into that aura.

The only real problem with all of this is that it seems like Dion has stopped doing his Humble & Hungry blog over at Dime. Shame. I was wondering what he had for dinner this weekend.