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The Kings Of The King Of Kings League Return


Ah, The King of Kings League. The annual reason to look over at Utica and say, "Oh...Utica...I almost forgot you were there. Hello."

We first took notice in 2008 with Laz Sims, Billy Edelin and DeShaun Wright leading the charge. In '09, Brandon Triche, Scoop Jardine and Mookie Jones made a run. In 2010, the league lost its NCAA accreditation and current players were unable to play. Last year, the accreditation returned and Brandon Triche led JD's Finest into the championship game, scoring 52 points in one game.

This year, JD's Finest will feature not only Triche but also Michael Carter-Williams and DaJuan Coleman. Talking about a great way for the guards to get to know their new big man. Both Triche and Coleman played for Jamesville-DeWitt while Carter-Williams is an "honorary" alum.

The first games will be held on Monday, June 18, 2012 at Utica College. Maintain Swagger takes on the Gunnas at 6:45pm EST followed by JD's Finest versus Syracuse Elite at 8:00pm EST.

No word yet on whether or not former King of Kings attendees like Josh Wright will be participating as well. Check out the league on their website.