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13 Interesting Nuggets From Syracuse's 2005 Report About Bernie Fine & Bobby Davis

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Here's the full report if you'd like to read it. I've broken out all of the interesting nuggets below...

1. Bobby Davis went to five colleges (OCC, CMU, Oswego St., Webber International University & Davis & Myer). He also transferred high schools "five or six times." That's...something. Right?

2. Davis told investigators that Ludwig Vita, another boy who spent time in the Fine household growing up, had told him that he was molested as well. Remember that.

3. Davis says, and Fine doesn't deny, that he was at the 1987 Final Four, Maui Invitational, 8 or 9 Big East Tournaments and one NCAA Tournament regional. I'd be curious to see video on any of that. Who's got the time?

4. Fine says that he thinks Davis intentionally flunked classes as a high school senior in order to play basketball one more year.

5. Davis went to live with Mike Hopkins and two other people (former players?) after Bernie threw him out for not doing chores.

6. Fine had SU strength coach Cory Parker revoke Davis' weight room privlidges after multiple refusals to play back a $6,000 loan. When Parker informed Davis, Davis then told Parker that Fine had molested him.

7. In October 2004, two years after telling the Post-Standard and ESPN that Fine molested him, Davis called Fine and reportedly left a phone message apologizing and indicating that what he did was wrong.

8. Fine said he had been told by multiple people that Davis would say he was Fine's nephew in order to enhance his basketball prospects.

9. Mike Hopkins said he found Davis to be "incredible" and that Davis had stolen property from his apartment, lied to him and is generally not credible.

10. Ludwig Vita adamantly denied ever being molested by Fine, never saw Fine act inappropriate towards anyone and felt that Davis was trying to get Vita to say that something happened in various conversations. He did not believe Davis and thinks Davis was after money.

11. Laurie Fine described Davis as a "pathological liar."

12. Mike Lang was contacted repeatedly but never responded.

13. Cory Parker had no recollection that anything inappropriate ever happened between Fine and Davis.