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Syracuse Football: Get To Know Your Orange Man--#17 Charley Loeb

"Get to Know" is about to get ridiculously good looking...

Name: Charley Loeb

Position: Quarterback

Year: Redshirt Junior

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 212

Hometown: Hollis, NH

High School: Lawrence Academy

2011 Stats: Charley played in every game last season as a holder, but didn't have an opportunity to throw a pass. In his career at SU, he is 3-for-5 for 41 yards.

2012 Projections: Charley's gonna do what Charley does...specifically, hold for kicks and PATs and back up Ryan Nassib. And steal the hearts of many a fair young lady.

How'd He Get Here?: We offered him. Charley had interest from a number of schools, including Boston College, Virginia, Notre Dame, Ole Miss, and Akron (natch), but Doug Marrone was the only coach to pull the trigger.

Scout/Rivals Said: Two stars, all around!

Money Quote: When it comes to women's lacrosse fanhood, Charley is one of us...

Mancrush on Michelle tumolo #35 for stare down with goalie in final minutes

Good job Su women's lax good year....northwestern was just better at doing nothing

Links of Wonder: It has to be the most epic RGLCL story of them all...take it away Tomcat.

Doug Marrone Thinks: From a summer 2010 Dave Rahme piece on the quarterback situation...

"He’s done some nice things," Marrone said. "Again, it becomes the consistency at that position. He just needs to trigger a little bit quicker for us. Once he starts to trigger quicker I think he’ll be at a higher level in his game."

Interesting Nugget O'Interest: Charley Loeb was a man of many sports in high school. Aside from football, he played baseball, basketball and lacrosse. I'm fairly certain he also starred in every Disney channel original movie prominently featuring a star high school athlete.

Let Us Get a (Ridiculously) Good Look Atchya:

NFL Quarterback Todd Krueger coaching Syracuse QB Charley Loeb, and Jawad Yatim (via EliteQBTraining07)

Charley Loeb, Quarterback, Syracuse University Football (via carterclan12)

Quarterback Coaching Drill with Syracuse Charley Loeb, Bethune-Cookman Jawad Yatim and Amos Cariati (via EliteQBTraining07)

Don't ask me why Charley is throwing passes to Shabazz Napier. He probably stole Bazz's girlfriend and felt bad or something.

Shabazz Napier Playing Football, Quarterback and Wide Reciever Drills (via EliteQBTraining07)