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How To Grow An Orange: Signed Copies Available

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how to grow an orange
how to grow an orange

Being a parent is hard, right? Make the wrong decisions and your child can grow up to do something terrible, like root for Georgetown. How To Grow An Orange shows every parent how to make sure that never providing them with everything they could ever possibly want to know about Syracuse University sports. No Orange fan should be without this guide to the people, places and history of SU.

Author Sean Keeley is offering the opportunity to purchase your very own signed copy of How To Grow An Orange. It's great as a gift for any Syracuse fan, grad or incoming student. And of course, anyone raising a little Orange or with one on the way can benefit from this book.

For $20 (shipping included), Sean will personalize a copy of How To Grow An Orange to anyone and include a special message for SU fans (as well as potential SU fans).

To order a signed copy, click on the button below and make sure to note the delivery address, name of person receiving book and any special requests for the personalization. Please allow two weeks for delivery.

How To Grow An Orange

How To Grow An Orange is also available on Amazon in print or e-book format.

Author's Note:

When I started my blog Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician in 2006, I had absolutely no idea that I'd one day write a book about Syracuse sports. I didn't even think I'd ever write a book. However every year I wrote the blog it was another year of Syracuse knowledge, history and passion under my belt. The more I learned, the deeper the traditions went and the bigger the fan I became.

I wrote the book first and foremost for myself. I wanted to learn the entire history of the school, the sports programs and the players that made it famous. As a Syracuse grad ('00), I wanted to find out what came before me and why its important to keep those traditions going.

I also wrote the book for every Syracuse fan out there interested in digging a little deeper into their love for SU. Whether its basketball, football, lacrosse or another sport altogether, if you love Syracuse, I hope you'll enjoy this book. At the end of the day, I want it to be fun. It should be informative and interesting, but it should be entertaining as well.

To read an excerpt from How To Grow An Orange, click here.