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Syracuse Football: Get To Know Your Orange Man - #32 Travon Burke

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Here ya go again! More Orange Men for you to know and love!

Name: Travon Burke

Number: 32

Year: Sophomore

Position: Running Back

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 253

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

HS: Corcoran (and Milford Prep)

2011 Stats: After killing a man in San Antonio over a burrito dispute in 2010 Burke was converted by our friend Daniel Anyaegbunam to stop working for the Commies and kill for the red, white and blue. Spent all of last year in training to switch from Communist linebacker to American running back.

2012 Projections: Burke did a great jo staying out of the spotlight so he'll more than likely be rewarded with field work sometime soon. He's not going to get a whiff of the field for the Orange so expect long stays in Columbia and he will know better than to just pay $30.

Scouts/Rivals said... Nada. Good job wiping his profile clean.

Money Quote: Burke doesn't talk to the media. He's too well trained for that.

How'd he get here? Well according to Glaude it was his rocket ship powered on unicorn tears from the future. That now is somewhere in Nevada. He was a walk on from Syracuse so I assume he walked to the Dome, said "I wanna play" and Marrone felt the government on his neck and obliged. I already explained his recruitment into the agency.

Links of Wonder: We all have pasts we're not proud's his Myspace page.

What does Marrone think? Whatever you're supposed to think when you now have two secret agents on your squad.

Nugget O' Intrest: According to my completely made up yet totally reliable source, only Chuck Norris' roundhouse kick can heal you from a Burke scissors kick.

Let's get a good look atchya: Unlike Anyaegbunam, Burke got rid of any side career acting jobs on youtube. So here's his theme song instead.

Johnny Rivers - Secret Agent Man (via 60otaku3)