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Syracuse 30 For 30: Your Picks


I wasn't planning to do any kind of follow up to the "What Should The Syracuse 30 For 30 Episode" thought-starter but I got so many interesting responses I wanted to highlight some of them.

It's a good reminder of all the quality stories buried just underneath the surface in the history of Syracuse Athletics. It's also proof that if DOC Gross ever starts New York's College Network, he'll have no problem filling space with quality documentary material.


The 1950 lax team with Brown, Simmons, Jr. and Oren Lyons
Oren Lyons in his own right
SU lax and the Onondaga Nation—a real life Crooked Arrow
Simmons Sr. and Jr.—football, lacrosse and boxing!

Lots of Pulp

Dave Bing and Jim Boeheim becoming most accomplished backcourt after their playing days

What if I told you an NBA Hall of Famer would go on to achieve his greatest success off the court, and his nerdy-looking teammate would have an even greater legacy on the court?

Mike Smeltz

The Greatness of the Gait Brothers, and the championship taken away from Cuse Lacrosse

Orange Chuck

"What if you had a number that meant everything to your fans & you decided to do the boring thing and retire it.'

Jason W.

I think a 30 for 30 episode based upon The Legend of 22 would be appropriate, it starts from about 1980 and as a result of the legend we have won more lax champs than any other school.

Quint Stevenson
Big East Rise/Fall

Cuse/Georgetown and the league that ruled the 80s (Big East getting 3 of 4 Final Four teams, etc). With the Final half hour based on recent years and the collapse due to the football/basketball divide… "The Big East: Rise of an Empire; Fall of a Titan"

Lots of Pulp

What if I told you that a Syracuse graduate founded a blog based on SU-themed LOL cats and an obsession with Lost. Well, you’d be pretty unimpressed. Then what if I told you the blog in question would become the most well-read and cited source on Syracuse athletics and that Blogger went on to write books and edit a national web site all while living thousands of miles away from Syracuse.

"In my mother’s basement"

Directed by Hoya Suxa