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The Great American 'Cuse Cake-Off: Championship Round

And so, here we are. Four cakes. Four winners of their respective brackets. Only one true cake champion.

The Great American 'Cuse Cake-Off ends here. Let's meet the Final Four.

"Cupcakes, Cookies & Pies" Bracket Winner: Vicki's Cupcake Cake:


Non-Otto Cake Bracket Winner: Renegade Pumpkin's Live Ridiculously Cake:


Non-Pro Otto Cake Winner: James' Otto Cake:


Pro Otto Cake Bracket Winner: M. Weizman's Otto Cake:


Now it's time to pick a winner. The winning entry will receive Joe Glisson's new book, "No Place Like Dome!! As for the others, well, I hope they enjoyed their cake. Vote now, polls close Midnight tonight!