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Does Marinatto Resignation Change Syracuse & Pitt's ACC Future?

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In a word, no.

That said, the Syracuse Orange and Pittsburgh Panthers aren't exactly worse-off now that Marinatto is gone. As ESPN's Andrea Adelson explains, it was never really up to Marinatto if the two schools could leave early in the first place (shocker):

Regardless of the commissioner, it is the league presidents who will decide whether Pitt and Syracuse can play in the ACC beginning in 2013. So a change in commissioner would seem to have little to no impact. League bylaws require outgoing schools to wait 27 months before departing.

But after the Big East added Temple for the 2012 season, Marinatto reiterated that there was a possibility the two schools could leave early. Adding Temple had completed its expansion efforts, ensuring 12 members for the 2013 season -- not counting Pitt and Syracuse.

By all accounts, only the sourest of sour grapes could keep SU and Pitt in the Big East beyond this upcoming athletics season. The Big East really needs to be in future-looking mode right now instead of trying to punish us for making the smart business decision they all wish they made.