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Scoop Jardine Is Gonna Buy His Mom A House, Enjoy Some Sushi First


The 2012 NBA Draft is coming up and hundreds of college basketball players are eager to hear their names called during it. Only a handful will actually hear it, however, while most will hope for free agent contracts or head overseas to try and make a living.

There is a good chance that a few members of the Syracuse Orange will hear their names called during the draft. Check out any mock draft and you're guaranteed to see Dion Waiters and Fab Melo listed. You might even see Kris Joseph show up in the second round.

You almost certainly will not see Scoop Jardine's name anywhere. The Jade Scorpion's NBA hopes seem to rest on a summer league invite and/or an NBDL stint.

Scoop's Syracuse career was defined by a ferocious tenacity coupled with strange decision-making in the face of terrible odds. Those qualities also seem to be driving him as he enters his pro career.

"Cornered" by TMZ outside a restaurant, Scoop and Kansas Jawhawks star Thomas Robinson were asked about their impending wealth as soon-to-be NBA draft picks. Scoop said nothing to dissuade that line of thinking...

Honestly, I hope Scoop can afford to buy his mom a house. It probably won't be via the avenue he's hoping for but he's the kind of guy who will have a lot of opportunities ahead of him, on or off the court.

By the way, who is Scoop on the phone with? They're very patient.

Also, if you ever end up working as a TMZ cameraperson, punch yourself in the face. Always.