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Syracuse Football: Get To Know Your Orange Man - #81 Louie Addazio

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Player: Louie Addazio

Number: 81

Position: Tight End

Year: Sophomore

Height: 6' 3''

Weight: 241

Hometown: Gainesville, FL

High School: Buchholz HS

2011 Stats: None. Didn't play in any games last year, which is fine seeing that the Provo-niator was in front of him. Hopefully he learned all he could holding the tight end clipboard.

2012 Projections: Addazio could see some time seeing that the Orange are lacking depth at tight end. Lord Beckett Wolf Wales, David Stevens and recently converted Max Beaulieu are the upperclassmen ahead of Addazio so it is unlikely that he will see much time unless one of these guys goes down. Even worse for Louie is that some really talented tight ends are coming in to Cuse as well in the form of Ron Thompson and Josh Parris. Addazio is one of the walking wounded for the Orange so we didn't get to see him in action during the Spring Game, only creating more questions for him. The good news is that he is young so he has plenty of time left to make his mark on the Orange.

How'd He Get Here? Since the age of 7, Louie has been marked as an Orangeman. His father was an assistant back in the 90's and thus Louie lived on the hill as a kid. A real solid prospect as a blocker, he was also recruited by Rutgers, Boston College and South Florida even though they never had a chance. Current Temple Owls head coach Steve Addazio, his father, said that Syracuse always had a special place in his son's heart and thus, he's here.

What did Scouts/Rivals say? A two star prospect from both. As mentioned above, Addazio is an old school blocking tight end, fitting in nicely with Marrone's old school line mentality.

Money Quote: Addazio's a pretty optimistic guy, saying that the Orange aren't far away from former glory.
I see Syracuse climbing back to the top of the Big East and getting back to where they were under Coach MacPherson and Coach Pasqualoni and I see that happening very soon.

Links of Wonder: ESPN has a particularly interesting profile on Addazio:

He has good size and displays the frame to be able to still add more good bulk which should only help his game as an in-line blocker. Maybe the most impressive aspect of his game is how quickly he can get out of his stance and make contact with a defender. He is consistently quick out of his stance so much so that tight end coaches recruiting this kid may want to hide his tape from defensive coaches just to be sure they don't try and steal him.

Well seeing that Marrone decided to switch Beaulieu over from defense to offense, maybe Addazio evens things out with a switch over to the defensive side? It might be best if he wants to see the field for Syracuse.

What Does Marrone Think? Can't find anything where Marrone mentions Addazio due to that whole depth chart thing. I'm assuming Marrone likes the kid's old school ways and would say he is well coached by his father or some other generic coaching line about the backup tight end with a father who coaches.

Interesting Nugget O'Intrest: Addazio likes to keep things short and sweet, but while he is trying to decide what to major in, he enjoys reading sports biographies.

Let's Get a Look 'Atchya: No public videos out there of Addazio for anybody, so here's a waterskiing squirrel.

Squirrel Waterskiing (via itnsource)