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Jim Boeheim Hopes You Enjoy Eating His Sausage


Even I shook my head with this headline. And we are.

Hofmann hot dogs were a staple of my diet while at Syracuse University which, I suppose, is good and bad for the various parties involved.

I'm not alone. Jim Boeheim loves himself Hofmanns as well, as proven from his appearance on Man Vs. Food when he downed a "double-double," a Hofmann coney and frank in one bun.

Turns out, the 133-year-old weinermakers are going to be getting an extreme makeover thanks to a team of investors that includes James Arthur himself:

The former minority owner of the Dallas Mavericks has put together an all-star team of investors to bring his favorite brand to national stage.

The lineup includes Syracuse University Basketball Coach Jim Boeheim, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach and Auburn native Phil Romano, the creator of national chains such as Fuddruckers and Romano’s Macaroni Grill. Former Syracuse police chief and two-time All-American basketball player Dennis DuVal will serve as the company’s Northeast regional president of operations.

Oneida Nation Enterprises is also a major investor in the company, which means get ready for table-side hot dogs at Turning Stone (Instead of the Double Dog, call it the Double Down. PAY ME!)

The group plans to expand the reach of their wieners while also opening some new restaurants that will feature their delicious long tubes of meats (so sorry).

The group hopes to make a dent in the NYC, Boston and Philly markets while keeping the Syracuse-area plant as the Northeast regional headquarters.

Nice to see Boeheim and DuVal working together again (Hey, remember how Dennis DuVal's inactions as chief of police during the initial Bernie Fine accusations were called into question due to his relationship with Fine and Jim Boeheim? FORGET I EVEN JUST RE-MENTIONED THAT AND DO NOT MENTION THIS TO GLORIA ALLRED).