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It's Official: The MC Dubz & C.J. Fair Show Premieres

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The Scoop & Wes Show laid the groundwork.

The Scoop & Kris Show defined a genre.

And now, the MC Dubz & C.J. Fair Show is here to show a new generation how it's done.

Technically, it's The Mike & C.J. Show, but I think we can all agree that we'll be referring to "Mike" as MC Dubz around here.

Watch the first episode here (embed not working).

Admittedly it's a bit of an upset. I think we all considered James Southerland a shoo-in for the gig. However, it looks like Donna Ditota and the crew are thinking longevity. Better to lock in two underclassmen to hone their craft now rather than replace another face next season.

It's the kind of long-term strategic thinking that NBC would kill for.

Couple thoughts on the premiere episode...

  • That is some FUNKY intro music.
  • Michael Carter-Williams saying "Um, I think we'll bring some excitement to the show" in the least-excited way possible is concerning.
  • Michael Carter-Williams saying that he wants the show to "brighten up somebody's day" saves everything.
  • "In my old day they called me Ken Griffey...Jr." - C.J. Fair, saving us from trying to figure out just how old he really is.
  • Looking at the way C.J. holds a bat, I'm beginning to doubt these Ken Griffey, Jr. comparisons...
  • Jenna Caira pitches very fast. FYI.

SU Athletics posted some more video of Jenna Caira making MC Dubz and C.J. Fair look like fools...