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So, What, Is Missouri Our Rival Now?

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When the Syracuse Orange decided to leave the Big East for the ACC and the Missouri Tigers left the Big 12 for the SEC, I'm not quite sure either school realized they were about to create The Greatest Post-Conference Realignment Rivalry In The World.

Needing a game to fill our 2012 football schedule, the Orange slotted in a trip to Missouri that is inconvenient and probably a terrible idea considering what's already happening on our sched. Unfortunately, it was either that or ask Maine to come back to the Dome again and Doug Marrone has had his fair share of Maine.

Given that the Orange are traveling to Columbia without a return trip on the docket, one would imagine that whenever we play Missouri again one day, they'd come to the Carrier Dome in whatever sport that might be.

One would imagine incorrectly, it seems.

A rumor started circulating over the weekend that a Missouri basketball coach had told fans at a meet-and-great that the Tigers and Orange would be playing one another in this year's Big East/SEC Invitational and that the game would take place in Columbia. Mike Waters checked in with a Big East source, who kinda-sorta confirmed it.

A Big East source said the game pitting Syracuse and Missouri is not a done deal yet; however, there is a good chance that the contest could happen.

According to the source, right now the SU-Missouri game would take place in Columbia, Mo., but that is one of many aspects of the event that could change.

Meh. I mean, it's fine and all. But there better be a return trip to the Carrier Dome, NOT NEWARK OR BROOKLYN OR SOME S**T LIKE THAT DOCTOR GROSS, in it for us.

If it's true that means Syracuse will have a cross-country trip to San Diego to take on nationally-ranked San Diego State on a "neutral" court and a road game in Missouri this season. So help me God if I hear anyone bitching about our non-conference schedule...

(Commence, "Syracuse hasn't left The Continental United States all season. Pathetic.")